Best Selling Food Items at Farmers Markets

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Farmer’s markets have become popular over the years due to the growing need for fresh and organic fruits and vegetables among consumers. Local producers sell fresh produce, baked goods, or home-made canned goods at farmer’s markets among other versatile items.

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Some farmer’s markets are open daily, while others usually operate on weekends. These markets are usually located in the middle of the towns or cities.

If you are a seller at a farmer’s market or plan to start selling, here are some of the best selling food items at the farmer’s markets.


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“100% of the money you spend at the farmers market goes to support farms in the community, not to a middle-man or corporate headquarters. This helps strengthen the local economy.” Fairfield brochure

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1. Baked Goods

Baked goods such as bread, cookies, brownies, and fudge are some of the most popular items at farmer’s markets. Due to the healthy and low-sugar ingredients used in making these items, they are quite popular among healthy and conscious eaters. If you are a home baker or a cottage food owner, you can try the following recipes for your next stall at the farmer’s market.


A freshly baked bread loaf will always be more appealing compared to store-bought bread. Store-bought bread usually is full of added sugars and preservatives. Home-baked bread at a farmer’s market is a great and healthy alternative for conscious eaters.

You can bake different kinds of breads: wheat, sourdough, rye, white, pita etc. Some of the popular ones are the whole-grain breads and loaves.


We all get sweet tooth cravings once in a while. Cookies are one of the most famous items in farmers markets. If you are planning to sell cookies, you can bake some of the popular recipes such as snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal resin, shortbread etc. Be creative with the designs and offer vegan, keto, and sugar free options.


Many of us are avid chocolate lovers. There is a certain appeal towards nicely packaged home-made chocolate bars. Many local artisans have adopted a highly skilled craft of chocolate making.

Chocolates usually are available in three categories: dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. Dark chocolates are some of the healthiest choices, though white and milk chocolates are also quite popular in farmers markets.

If you incorporate nuts in your recipes, be sure to mention the ingredients very clearly on the packaging.

You can provide samples of your chocolates for visitors to get a taste of your amazing recipes.

Cake Pops

Children love cake pops. They are visually appealing and come in various flavors such as cinnamon, chocolate, carrot, oatmeal, mint chocolate chip, s’mores, peanut butter etc. Cake pops will make a great addition to your table full of baked goods.

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“Purchasing from local farmers provides so much more than great tasting, nutritious food! These purchases also support growers and their families whose homes and farms are located where we live and work — farms whos enviromentally friendly practices help protect local economies, drinking water, open space and air quality for everyone.”

Core Values Northeast

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2. Canned Goods

Canned goods such as jams, jellies, fruits, vegetables, chutneys, relishes and pickles are also quite popular at farmer’s markets. These goods are not only healthy but also delicious. Here are some goods you can try for your next visit to the farmer’s market.


Over the last few years, many local artisans have become creative with their jam making recipes. The traditional concept of fruit jams has been expanded to the infusion of vegetables and spices.

Some of the famous jams you will see at your local farmer’s market include: mango jam, strawberry and banana jam, rose petal jam, mixed berry jams, and fig jams.


Honey imported from overseas may contain harmful chemicals and additives that are not healthy. However, honey that is locally produced is pure and healthy.

Local farmers usually follow the recommended bee farming practices and produce filler-free, clean and healthy honey.


Relishes make great condiments for your everyday recipes. Today, relishes have advanced from traditional pickles to jalapeno pepper, artichoke, hot pepper, onion, and zucchini relishes.

Many farmer markets sell homemade relishes that are healthy and tasty.

3. Fresh Produce

Fresh produce sellers are one of the most famous sellers at farmer’s markets. Buyers come in flocks to buy organic and locally produced fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

Here are some of the famous fresh produce that you can find at your local farmer’s market.


Tomatoes available at the supermarkets are usually packaged when they are still not ripe and frozen or refrigerated for transport purposes. Your local farmers on the other hand will pick tomatoes when they are at their peak ripeness and bring them to the farmer’s market.

Tomatoes come in many shapes and sizes such as: cherry, roma, grape, stupice, brandywine.


Some of the popular varieties of apples at farmer’s market include: fuji, gala, honeycrisp, and mutsu. They are sweet, crispy and juicy when at their full-ripeness. Farmers carefully pluck these apples at their peak flavor to provide the best tasting and crunchy apples.

You won’t find some of these apple varieties at your local stores and supermarkets so grab them when you visit your local farmer’s market next time!


Cabbages sold at farmer’s markets are always fresh with their crispness intact. These cabbages are nutritious and do not have any added preservatives.

Some of the best selling cabbages include: Napa, savoy, red and green cabbage.


Farmers grow their carrots organically in soil best suited for carrot production. Commercially produced carrots are not always organically produced and are plucked when not completely ripe.

Carrots are some of the hottest selling vegetables at farmer’s markets and are great for making savory as well as sweet recipes.

“A Farmers’ Market is a collection of independent, local growers who have agreed to come together and offer their farm products for sale in a convenient, single location. Products will vary throughout the season. Farmers grow products that can be successfully grown in Maine, are ripe and in season. Farmers will attend market as their products come into season.”

Fairfield brochure

How can you sell at a Farmer’s Market?

Selling at farmer’s markets is not as complicated as it is selling at supermarkets. Here are some steps you can follow to start selling your goods at your local market.

  1. Check your city’s rules regarding the farmer’s market selling process or the local cottage food laws. Check to see if you need any permits or licenses. Also contact your local office about the ingredients or products that you are allowed to sell and the ones that are forbidden.
  2. Once you have identified all the important steps you need to take regarding setting up your business at the local farmer’s market, you can start thinking of the menu for your products.
  3. Invest in a good table, table cloth and other supplies that you require to set up your table.
  4. You can also get a canopy for your food stall for shading purposes.
  5. Make a sign for your stall indicating the kind of product you are selling.
  6. Lately, enjoy the process!

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